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Can’t shake the feeling that you should be perfect? Worried you’ll never be good enough?  Consumed by what other people might be thinking about you? We will show you how to disconnect from toxic thoughts and reconnect to who you really are!  


You may feel broken…but the inside you is never broken!


Families are our most important connections, yet at times, they can become strained or fractured through life experience and trauma. It’s never too late to learn the missing pieces needed to put them back together or even just understand why they turned out the way they did. Some of our family struggles are generational. You can change the patterns and build something new and healthy.  Take the time now to learn and apply the Intuitive Relationships skills you need today.


Businesses come and go but the relationships we create shouldn’t have to. Intuitive relationships for business provide the knowledge you need to build and maintain relationships of trusts with your clients and employees. People follow people, and money follows strong relationships naturally without having to start over new each and every day.

Create the lasting business/financial relationships you desire by applying the Intuitive Relationships skills you need to succeed.

Classes & Certifications

Intuitive Relationships (powered by Growth ClimateTM) offers a variety of courses and certifications. Whether you’re an individual seeking to improve your own interpersonal relationship skills, or a professional in the industry, we can help you accomplish your goals.


Growth Climate

Growth Climate offers a series of basic, in-depth, or certification training designed to provide you with the skills you need to succeed in the many personal and business settings. (VIEW SCHEDULE BUTTON – Links to calendar and description of trainings.)

Uprooting Stress

Peace Within

Stress is the key to its own unlocking. Rather than trying to bury the stress only to have it surface again and again, why not implement the skills you need to learn from what the emotion is trying to tell you and put it to rest once and for all. That’s where real peace is found. We provide the skills you need to discover real lasting peace.

Relationship Coach


Life patterns can be deeply rooted so why not have an extra support system to help you get through it. Our coaches provide a safe environment to further a deeper level of learning. You don’t have to do this alone. Let us walk with you as you internalize the principles you need for life-long success and happiness.


“Here’s the thing.  Life is made up of relationships.  All different types.  What Growth Climate/Intuitive Relationships has done for me is help me make sense of all the information I’ve gathered from other trainings, self-help books, and self-study and then put it to effective use.  It’s an incredibly simple yet comprehensive training that has positively affected every relationship in my life as I employ what I have learned.  Most importantly, it is helping me establish a healthy foundation and emotional climate for my two young sons (ages 3 and 4 months).  As I’ve worked on myself, I’ve seen my relationship with them, my husband, my clients and customers, my extended family, my friends, and my co-workers improve.”
-Melissa DeLange

Frequently Asked Questions

What is intuitive relationships?
That depends… What’s keeping you up at night? 


·       A strained relationship between you and your partner?

·       Losing your connection with your kids?

·       Not getting along with your co-workers? 

·       Misunderstood by your boss?

·       Broken relationships due to addictions?

·       Feeling alone or insignificant?


Intuitive Relationship, powered by Growth Climate™, is the answer. We can help to mend and heal struggling relationships and bring balance and peace back to your life. 
“Intuitive Relationships” is for those with an honest heart desiring to live without fear, reclaim their sense of self-worth, and recapture the joy of living.


We can help you…

·       create communication patterns that are safe and valuing.

·       heal fractured relationships

·       reach your full potential

·       experience peace of mind and peace of soul


Intuitive Relationships is for YOU!
Do You Only Work With people,companies, both?

Intuitive Relationships is for everyone. Old or young, in the work force, or at home. Intuitive Relationships is the power behind the success of every relationship we have.

Do You Offer long distance Services?
Intuitive Relationships is available remotely and locally (in certain areas). Regardless of where you are, the world is changing and our ability to help individuals all over the world is growing. Send us a note and we will help connect you the best way we can.
Do You train in other countries?

Intuitive Relationships is available in other countries via remote training however a portion of the training, depending on the level you desire to achieve, may require some travel.

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