Growth Climate joins Intuitive Relationships with over 60 years of experience in the field of emotional, social and therapeutic education. Together we provide ongoing sustainable support for your freedom based growth journey. 

About Sharon


“Sharon helped me turn my life into a
peaceful one in less than four months!”

Awards & Licenses

Certified Instinctive Relationship Specialist, Certification Trainer / Coach, 2020
LCSW—Licensed Clinical Social Worker, September 2008
National Counsel on Family Relations:  CFLE—Certified Family Life Educator, 2008
Certified GrowthClimate Relationship Specialist / Coach, 2008

Sharon Patey – My Story

Sharon (Shae) Patey was born in Canada and grew up on a farm where mother nature nurtured her through hard times. She still feels most herself when connected to the natural world. She met Kenneth Patey in college and they have been married for 56 years now. Together they raised 11 Children. But Shae insists that her children actually raised her because they were the catalyst for her own personal growth journey. Now 55 grandchildren and a masters in social work later, she strives to be catalyst for growth in others. 

Shae has a never-ending curiosity for people of all cultures. She grew up with playmates from a Hutterite colony, she has lived in Israel among both Jews and Arabs, she has worked as a relationship counselor among Native American tribes. In all places and cultures she has earned the love, trust, and admiration of those she meets. 

Shae has been a relationship coach and educator since 1984. After most of her kids were raised, Shae went back to school and effectively completed two masters degrees. The first one was a vicarious master’s degree in Educational Psychology and Counseling. Her husband, Ken, had become nearly blind and as he pursued his degree, she served as his textbook reader and note-taker, attending all the classes with him. Thereafter, she pursued her own degree in social work (LCSW).

Shae has been in private therapy practice since 2006. She provides individual and marital therapy. She works with clients who suffer from of sexual abuse, domestic violence, addiction depression, and anxiety. She is trained in sand-tray and play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavior therapy (DBT), and trauma work. She continues to believe that relationship education is a critical foundation to all therapy. 

Shae is frequently asked what her plans are now that she has entered her golden years. She laughs and insists, “I will never retire, because I am having too much fun!”  

About Ken


Awards & Licenses

Nominated for the “INNOVATIVE PROGRAMMING AWARD” in the First Annual “In Honor of Excellence” Awards Program sponsored by the National Association of Continuing Education in the United States of America. He was singled out in excellence for his work in UPROOTING STRESS: An Educational Support to Therapy.
B.S. Degree in Child Development, Family Relations 
M.S. Degree in Professional Counseling BYU Department of Educational Psychology

Ken Patey – My Story

Kenneth H. Patey, the Founder of GrowthClimate, has been a professional educator since 1963. He has taught on both a junior and senior high school level, and on a university level in the United States and in the Middle East. His academic preparation includes a B.S. degree in Child Development, Family Relations, and an M.S. degree in Counseling. He has also done post graduate study in Hebrew and in Historical Geography at the Institute of Holyland Studies in Jerusalem, Israel. He and his wife Sharon are the parents of six sons and five daughters. They also have an ever growing batch of grandchildren and great-grandchildren—fifty+ so far.

Ken has lived in Canada, England, the United States, and the Middle East. Together with his family, he has traveled extensively in other countries as well. This exposure to people from many nations, including his work with Native Americans, has provided a wealth of intercultural experience, and deepened his profound under¬standing of relationships. 

Under the umbrella of GrowthClimate®, Ken and several of his team provided volunteer educational support in the community for both primary and secondary victims of domestic violence in Utah County. Beginning with about thirty women, weekly attendance soon rose to an average of approximately one hundred adult victims plus their children.  

He is a former President Elect of the Board of the Center for Women & Children in Crisis, a Utah non-profit foundation. This model shelter complex serves victims from three Utah Counties.

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