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Reversing Depression – Grief and Trauma

Depression: There is nothing more heart wrenching than watching someone you care about shut down. Their days are spent sleeping while your nights are spent worrying. The fear that they may ultimately decide there’s only one way out consumes you.  Learn how to feel peace while we teach you how to reach out to them with new understanding and pull them back into the light. 


Grief and Trauma: Has trauma turned once brighter days into a brain fog of survival. The emotions are real, the trauma doesn’t always go away, but you’re not meant to stay trapped in it forever. There are solutions. So whether it’s grief, divorce, illness, financial struggles, abuse, PTSD, or any another other trauma, we have the tools you need to help you work your way through it and find peace beyond the loss.

Intuitive Relationships for...

Strengthening Couples
Strenghtening Families
Parents with Kids & Teens
Grief & Trauma
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Overcoming Addictions
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Kristen Patey Lamb

Kristen Patey Lamb

Ruth Patey Wakefield

Ruth Patey Wakefield

Kristen and Ruth  join the wave with podcast discussions about the topics that interest you the most. Join them as they bring the Intuitive Relationships principles to life with real stories, about real people, and inspire ways which will allow you to turn your struggles to successes as well. 

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