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In a Business World Podcast

Do you dread going to work?  Is your work environment plagued with misunderstandings, suspicion and false assumptions? Do you feel you are constantly walking on eggshells around co-workers or your boss? Is motivation driven by intimidation instead of collaboration? Let us show you how to change the climate at work and build it an environment where employees want to be! 

Intuitive Relationships for...

Strengthening Couples
Strenghtening Families
Parents with Kids & Teens
Grief & Trauma
Understanding &
Overcoming Addictions
In a Business World

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Kristen Patey Lamb

Kristen Patey Lamb

Ruth Patey Wakefield

Ruth Patey Wakefield

Kristen and Ruth  join the wave with podcast discussions about the topics that interest you the most. Join them as they bring the Intuitive Relationships principles to life with real stories, about real people, and inspire ways which will allow you to turn your struggles to successes as well. 

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